Cosmetic Treatments - Dr Anna McLiesh
Cosmetic Treatments - Dr Anna McLiesh

Dr. Anna McLiesh is a General Practitioner working at Rosanna Medical Group and Viewbank Family Medical Group. She is available on Wednesday mornings at Viewbank for consultation and treatment of facial lines, wrinkles, and lip enhancement and rejuvenation, with injections and dermal fillers.


As a doctor, Anna is a skilled professional, ensuring the safety and precision of your procedure. She is committed to providing you with a natural improvement of your facial appearance, without creating a frozen or “overdone” look. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” for facial treatments, and Anna evaluates every client carefully, tailoring treatments to their particular concerns and facial structure.


It is Anna’s qualifications, gentle manner, and attention to detail which separate her from other more commercial skin clinics.

For further information or bookings, please call Dr. Anna McLiesh directly on 0459 995 542, or call Viewbank Family Group on (03) 9458 3911.

There are areas of the face where undesirable wrinkles can cause a heavy, annoyed or tired appearance. Wrinkle injections provide relaxation of appropriate muscle groups, allowing for smoother skin and a happier, rejuvenated look. The procedure involves a small amount of solution injected into particular facial muscles, using a very fine needle. The cost of the procedure is inclusive of a full consultation and follow-up appointment two weeks after treatment.



As we age, the youthful structure of the face changes, leading to a tired and drawn appearance. Wrinkle injections can help to reduce unwanted expression lines, but dermal fillers can provide a lift that occurs naturally in a youthful face.

Dermal fillers to the mid-face region replace lost volume, providing a surprisingly subtle but definite lift. Dr. McLiesh is particular about performing the procedure to simply to turn back the clock, and not to create an unnatural “over-filled” appearance.

Although there are a variety of dermal fillers available, Dr. McLiesh uses only proven and tested fillers which are biodegradable, and based on substances naturally occurring in the human body’s cells, such as hyaluronic acid. They are injected into the face with a very fine needle, and also contain a numbing agent to reduce discomfort.

Lip treatments involve injection of soft dermal fillers into the lips to improve shape and borders, or to enhance size. Lip fillers sometimes get a poor reputation, with clients concerned that they will end up with a “trout pout”. Dr. McLiesh is particular about this, and believes that less is more when it comes to lip fillers. The end result is an enhancement with fuller and shapely lips that look perfectly natural.

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